Vardy invited to speak at Oxford Union

Aside from being the union of most widely recognised Universities in the World, the Oxford Union is best known for hosting the most high-profile and influential speakers in the world.

Some of the biggest names include Presidents Reagan, Nixon and Carter, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Diego Maradona, Michael Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Sir John Major, Buzz Aldrin, John Kerry, and now add Jamie Vardy to the list!

Jamie and his wife Rebekah appeared in-front of hundreds of Scholars last night in the prestigious grounds of Union to give insight his well documented career story and his private life.

Insight that only his nearest and dearest would know, for instance, Rebekah revealing that our man has developed a passion for brewing sloe gin! Making her trudge through fields and stinging nettles to pick berries!

Jamie was also quizzed on his decision to (semi) retire from International football, he said: “There’s a lot of spare time on England duty when you’re thinking ‘I’d much rather be at home’.

“I think I could have played more at the World Cup but that decision’s not down to me.”

But Vardy told the crowd that he plans to play at club level for many years and that he still feels as fit as he did in his 20s.

He said: “Coming into the game later I’m hoping that I can go on a lot longer.

“Legs wise, I feel fine – there’s a good few years in them left.

“I’m not losing any speed, and all my measurements at Leicester have been exactly the same as they used to be.

“When I go out onto the pitch, I don’t feel 31 at all – I feel like I’m in my early 20s.”

After the Q&A, the couple explored the iconic library with the students and the striker played a game of snooker with some of the Union members.

Pictures – Copyright Splash News
Extracts from The Sun article by Joe Miles