Jordan Cousins on social media and his Premier League dream...

Our 25-year-old QPR star spoke with on a range of topics at James Wolfe Primary School in Greenwich.

Abuse hurled at football players used to be something confined solely to the terraces where angry supporters vented their frustrations at what they are witnessing on the pitch.

Yet the development of technology over the last decade has triggered new methods of expressing opinions on anything and everything associated with ‘the beautiful game’.

Jordan Cousins has endured a topsy turvy spell at QPR – but he is beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel
QPR midfielder Jordan Cousins used to be an avid user of social media, but says he now distances himself from the likes of Twitter and Instagram.

Cousins, 25, believes some players are doing themselves more harm than good spending excessive time looking at these platforms.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: “Football is very intense, I can see why some players struggle.

“When I was younger I used to look at it a lot, but not anymore. It’s not worth it.

“I’ve slowly tried to stay away from all types of social media, it’s a very occasional glance these days.

“If you spend too much time on it then it can really play on your mental side.

“Some players are constantly on it, that doesn’t do them any good whatsoever in my opinion.

“I’ve said to a couple of the lads here to stay away from it, it does more harm than good.”

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