Everton's Kieran Phillips signs first professional contract

There aren’t many stories like our 19-year-old Everton strikers…Kieran has had to battle back from the cruelest of injuries to earn himself his first pro-deal.

Back in 2016, Kieran suffered an agonising double knee fracture, something called Osteochondral defect, a focal area of damage that involves both the cartilage and a piece of underlying bone of the knee. At one point surgeons feared that one of his knee’s was going to collapse.

Because of the complex nature of his injury, the recovery time is considerably longer than most injuries to ensure a full recovery. Our man spent over 750 days in the injury room, yes that’s right, nearly 2-and-a-half long years out!

As all professional players know, to sit that long out of the game can be extremely demoralising and it’s a period of a players career that can mentally break the best of them. But to a teenager, with his whole career ahead of them, it must seem like the end of the world…not our Kieran though.

Through his hard work, determination, desire, mental strength and shear persistence, Kieran battled back against all odds to make a full recovery and listen to this, on his first full back Kieran scored 2 goals in an Everton win and then he followed it up with a hat-trick in a 3-0 win over Manchester City…when you’re born a goalscorer you’re always a goalscorer.

Kieran, your ability to fight back from adversity is something to be admired, you are a true role model to any aspiring footballer. All of us at KeySports are immensely proud of you, you’re a top talent, a top lad and you have an exciting future ahead of you.

Now go and be exceptional!